Still fighting

My friend Joe almost didn’t survive the Nazi attack.


Dream job: Check!

Then I paused for a moment. It’s been a long and rocky road to get where I am today …


Jordan, Nowitzki and…me

It couldn’t get better than that! I was allowed, heck, encouraged to do what I enjoyed most, day in, day out: playing basketball.


No excuses!

If she gets loud, it’s not because she’s angry. If you ever think, “I can’t do this anymore“, she’s the one who will show you:
„You can do it! Just go ahead. And show the others here that you can do it, too!“


Spotlight on

When school’s out and at the weekends I just want to have a good time with my friends.



As soon as I can feel the ascent getting steeper my the body is telling me:
Here comes your greatest enemy: the lactate!


I want to fly

Next thing I know I shoot almost vertically upwards. For a moment time stops. My hands have a firm grip on the sail.