This is why I runPaula

Running helps me to bring balance into my life.

Through the leaves of the trees I can feel the last warm rays of sunshine of the day on my face.

With every step the leaves under my feet rustle. The ground is soft, softer than it is in the summer.
I am just outside of Berlin. This is where I like to run. I enjoy the silence while jogging through the forest.
When I do my runs in the city centre, I often listen to music. But here I just want to feel one with nature. The only thing I hear are my springy steps on the ground and my rythmic breathing.

Running helps me to bring balance into my life.

I work at a venture capitalist firm. My company helps start-ups to get their feet off the ground in the early stages. This often means working long hours. It’s important to keep a clear head.

Sometimes I put on my running shoes during my lunch break and do a round in the Tiergarten. This gives me an oppurtunity to rethink my goals for the day: What have I achieved so far? What else needs to be done?

But now it’s the weekend. I am off work and I’m going for a run in the forest.

The path leads me uphill. I try to keep up my speed. Trying to breathe evenly. As I reach the top, I’m led around a bend and the path follows on along a small stream that flows between the trees.

Even as a kid I enjoyed doing sports. But at the time I just couldn‘t handle it when someone was better than me. I would feel intimidated and withdraw myself. Luckily, that is different now. Sport has helped me through some tough times in my life. I am not trying to compete anymore.

I’m doing this for myself only.

Now I pick up the pace and immediately I can feel my pulse rise. Stay upright. Stay centred! Inhale – exhale – look straight ahead!
The great thing about running is: you can do it anywhere. I just put on my shoes and off I go! Sure, sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation. I don’t get up every single day and think, “I can’t wait to go running!” Sometimes I have to motivate myself first.Thinking about my personal goals helps me. I know that I feel better after a run. Why should I not treat myself to that feeling?

The sun has already passed the horizon. Dusk is near.

The sky is pink.

Over the bridge and then I’m at my destination. The last few meters are for slowly running out. I throw my arms up in the air and take a deep breath. I close my eyes for a second and enjoy the moment. I’m ready for the next challenge!