Sport is the centre of my life. How could I forget that?

After the Nazi attack…
…that left me scarred and looking disfigured, martial arts had always been the one thing that gave me a real sense of purpose and belonging. Through the training and the athletic competition, I got the recognition and confirmation I needed.

“Good,” I thought to myself. “What helped me then will help me now and in the future.

I will turn sports into my profession! “.
But for that I needed a coaching certificate. The course cost 1,600 €.
So I started working like I used to, washing cars, delivering pizzas and helping out businesses here and there until I got the money together.
Then I did the coaching course.

Meanwhile I had rustled up the courage and confessed to my family that I quit my job and will now devote my life to sports.

But as expected nobody understood me. You quit your job? Are you crazy?
But I did not let them dissuade me from my plan.
After I got my coaching certificate, I wanted to start working as a trainer in a gym. I went to different studios and applied for open positions -but everywhere I went I got the same reaction:

“You don’t fit in here!”.

After the seven disappointing rejections…
…I was in the middle of a job interview with one of the managers at a well-known studio who had just told me that my appearance and tattoos would simply not fit in with the studio, when I interrupted her:
“Listen to me. I’ve been told the exact same story in seven studios before. Every person, no matter how they look, no matter where they come from, they deserve a chance. You do not know what potential lies in me, the fire I have burning inside of me! Maybe I am exactly the one you are looking for, the one who is taking your studio forward. “

I took a deep breath and internally prepared to be asked to leave.

But then this happened.
The club manager said:
“You know what? I give you a chance. I’ll hire you as a sick cover. If a coach can’t come in, you take over their shift “.
Better than nothing! I agreed.

The next day a coach called me:
“Can you please take over my shift? I don’t feel well today “.
What a question! 30 minutes later I was in the studio. That same day, the next coach came in to see if I could take over his shift. And so it continued.
Long story short. I was in the gym seven days a week.

People joked they thought I was living in the gym.
When I wasn’t working, I trained for myself. I livened that place up. Everyone sat at their piece of equimpment and did machine training. I did what I always did in martial arts.

I did not sit and did chest work- outs on the chest machine or back work-outs on the rowing machine.
I simply pulled myself up somewhere with my body weight, pushed away, lifted things up, threw things against the wall.

People were surprised and started to notice that I did things differently.
The training plans for the customers had to be compliant with the machines and gym equipment. But gradually I added more and more bodyweight exercises, let my clients do lunges and jumping squats. All while the other studio members were still sitting at their machines like good sheep.

It didn’t take long until people could tell who did and did not have a training plan with Seyit. I walked around handing out my business cards. But unlike other coaches, I did not tell people that they were doing their exercises wrong. I just walked up to them, introduced myself and said:

“If you have any questions, feel free to come and talk to me. I’m here all day every day. I’m always happy to help!”.

I had a vision:
I wanted to be the trainer that motivates & inspires people, I wanted to change their workout philosophy.

“Training has to be exhausting!”, I told everyone.
When you come to the gym, you have to work out.
When you leave, you have to be exhausted.
If you are not exhausted when you’re done, you have not done it right.

Your body must be exhausted in order to have a hormonal release.
That way your body understands: “Wow, that can’t happen to me again. I have to get stronger and adapt. “
I talked to a friend and told him about my vision. He said something very clever to me: “Seyit, have you ever heard of any famous, fierce boxers in Africa? No! Because they don’t have the chance to be seen and to be heard! They don’t have the same opportunities as you do here in Germany. You have to show people what you can do! “.

The next day in the studio I went over to one of my colleagues and asked him what time the studio was most busy.
His answer was: “Around 5, 6pm is when it gets crazy busy here. Don’t even bother to come in at that time to work out! It’s just annoying “.

But I thought myself: All right. 5pm it is. Training begins.
From then on, every single day at 5pm you could find me at the gym, right in the middle of the overflowing studio. Just me, my mat, my kettlebells and my medicine ball. Show time!
Bam Bam bam! At every single workout I gave my best, excelled myself over and over.

Everyone just stopped and stared, thinking, “Wow, what a hell of a guy!”.

It was not long before the first young guy came up to me and asked if I could train him privately. “My brother trains with another coach and I want to destroy him!”.

Coach Seyit was born.
I trained with him and turned him into a machine. I made him run around the studio with a 20kg weight vest on his chest, long before anybody else in the studio had even heard of this technique.

After five weeks his brother came to me:
“I’ve been training with a personal trainer for two years. How is it possible that my brother is fitter than me after only a few weeks of training? Can I come to your training and join in? I just said, “Yeah, sure. Come and join us!”.

So the day after he came to training with his brother. He probably thought that he was relatively fit. After 30 minutes, his face was as white as chalk and had to vomit.
The training was over for him.

In the following years I got more and more inquiries.
At one point I had 33 personal training sessions a week. I went to the studio management and said that I can no longer do area training. The club manager nodded with a smile, “Well done, Seyit. You did not disappoint me!”.

Years later, I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

I’m one of the most successful trainers in Europe.
I’ve been on the cover of the largest fitness magazines thrice, I have written bestseller books, was present in the media and give lectures in front of seas of people.

And still I offer personal training, day after day, because that’s what I love.


Your Seyit.